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Best CSS Award is an international graphics, apps and websites design and development awards platform that honors and showcases works which stand for design, creativity and usability. Daily, monthly and yearly awards are presented for outstanding styling, creativity and technical proficiency. Winners are rewarded by way of Ribbons, official certificates (upon request) and tens of thousands of daily visitors to the Best CSS Award site.

Benefits For Participants
Prestigious awards, professional feedback and free promotion to a vast global audience.
Being nominated on Best CSS Award comes with great benefits for participants. First up, there’s the chance to win official certificates and our Ribbons. Nominees also receive scores and feedback from a Judging Panel of experts. Premium visibility in the industry is assured via tens of thousands of daily visitors including industry insiders, potential new clients and fans.

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International Judging Panel
Nominees and winners have the dual benefit of being judged by the group of our experts and by thousands of visitors all over the world.

Submission Information
Place your work in front of tens of thousands of daily visitors and creative professionals for a chance to be awarded Site of the Day (SOTD), Special Mention Award (SMA), Site of the Month (SOTM), Site of the Year (SOTY) and Designer of the Year (DOTY). Here’s what you need to know to submit your site:
Submissions should include high quality screenshots and accurate information including a correct email address to receive notifications about your submission. Sites must be complete and the work must be original. Templates may be entered however the chances of winning an award depend on originality. Racist, pornographic or hate based sites will likely not receive a nomination. Entry information is to be in English where possible.
Notification & Promotion
Successful nominees and winners will be notified by email and news of their achievement will be posted across Best CSS Award’s social networks. All successful sites will be featured in the relevant gallery and receive official Ribbon and, upon request, certificate.

Process of selection
Read Evaluation Rules

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