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Each work (website, graphic design, app) is professionally evaluated by Best CSS Award’s highly experienced judging team based on the site’s creativity, code, functionality, usability and content.

Approved works are deemed Nominees and awarded a score.


At the end of each day, all nominees’ scores are compared and the work with the total highest score (Design, Creativity, Usability, Guest Vote ad Visit) is awarded Site of the Day (SOTD) and App of the Day (AOTD) and scheduled for promotion on the next available date.

Occasionally, will be given the Special Mention Award (SMA) for the work who will collect a large number of positive votes by our users.

Works or designers that don’t win but are excellent in their own right are awarded Special Prizes and Labels*.

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At the end of each month, all Winners of the Day are presented to Best CSS Award’s international Judging Panel to be re-evaluated for choosing the Winners of the Month (SOTM – AOTM).

At the end of the year, all Winners (SOTD, AOTD, SOTM, AOTM, SMA) will be re-evaluated by the international Judging Panel for choosing the Winners of the Year (SOTY – AOTY – SMAY).

The Designer/s of the SOTY and AOTY will receive the Designer of the Year Award (DOTY).

* Special Prizes and Labels: the jury also reserves the right to award Special Prizes to other Works or Designers who have distinguished themselves for other special merits, in the Day, Month or Year (HSOTD – HAOTD – HSOTM – HAOTM – HSOTY – HAOTY – HDOTY).

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